Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter or No Winter? February Update

What a strange year this has been so far.  Almost no winter weather to date.  We did have a little bit of snow one time, but it was gone fast. Not much to speak of.  I guess that is really not that unusual for Oklahoma, it is just that the last few years we have had so much snow that I have come to expect it, and love it.  We do have some winter weather predicted for Sunday night and Monday, and later next week too (eeek!).  That is something to look forward to (for me).

I have been continuing on my journey to health.  I am still trying to get to the gym four times every week.  Most of this year has been a "fail" in that respect.  The last two weeks I have corrected my behavior.  I can feel the difference too!  When I only go a few times a week I seriously start to feel the muscle going away and the flab returning.  I am still overweight, and I fully expect that I always will be.  But I am trying to get a little healthier every year.  So far so good.  I push myself (hard) at the gym.  Several times I have had people come up to me and say, "Are you ok?"  Apparently, I get really red in the face.  I know I sweat A LOT!!!  I am spending an hour on the eleptical or arc machine.  I have been doing that for a while, so to amp it up, last week I bumped up the resistance to 100 (the highest level) for short bursts of time.  By doing that in increasingly long bursts, I have increased my calorie burn in the same hour from around 800 to just over 1300 last night!  Woo hoo!

The hardest part is eating.  That is my downfall.  I love to eat.  I have really not changed my eating habits at all.  So I did lose some weight, but not much, and it has mostly stopped.  So maybe this extra exercise will help.  And maybe I can find a way to adjust my diet in some form that I can live with, I can drop a few more pounds this year.  I am just not willing to give up all the things I love.

Happy February!