Friday, August 28, 2009

Miscellaneous meanderings....

OK, I have been gone a long time again! Jacob is kind of monopolizing the computer now that school has started. Also I have started walking 5 nights a week and it is kicking my butt! When I get home at close to 10:00 I am dead tired and can barely move. I learned the hard way to clean the kitchen before we walk or it will just not get done, and I hate to wake up to a dirty kitchen. Ugh!

Don't you just love Friday? Boy, I sure do. The whole day just feels exciting. From the minute I get up, until I finally fall into bed it feels like the best day of the week. Yay, Friday!!

Today is my Aunt Mary's Birthday. I think she is about, ummm 47 or something. Yes, 47. Anyway, she is a good aunt and does lots of nice things for my and my family. There is not too much I can do for her right now, so I am going to make her a fun coin purse. I took all my wool over to her tonight, but she was not home, so hopefully tomorrow she will have time to choose what color she wants. It is not much, but I hope she will like it. Happy "47th" Aunt Mary!

Wednesday was my last night to teach at church for a while. I promised Kim and myself that I would take a break for a while, after teaching for over a year. I know lots of peole teach and never quit, but I feel the need to be taught for a little while. Kim and I are carefully evaluating our church life and trying to decide where we belong and what God wants us to do. I am sure I will be back teaching soon though. This last quarter was a lot of fun. I taught the elementary girls. We had fun, sewing, crocheting, and cooking. Not to mention we made clothes pin dolls and all the while studied women of faith in the bible. Love these girls so much! I have some pix of Tabitha, Anna and Judith. We usually have Kaleigh too, but she was gone the week we made these brownies! I told the story while the girls cleaned up and then they served the brownies to the members as they came out of class! The girls are all so sweet! Aren't they adorable?

Last Saturday I snuck in some fun time in downtown with some friends. I was really planning on cleaning house and grocery shopping. But Amy called me and lured me out into the beautiful day. We visited the center of the universe. If you have never been, you have to check it out. Very mysterious-cool-awesome! Our down-town tour guide, Nellie, showed us her office near the top of a tall building. Then we just wandered around taking pictures and even encountered a nearly naked lady/person in a fountain. Yes, a real person! She had her hands over her uncovered private parts, but it was still a little more than I wanted to see. I did not take any pictures of her. Mainly because my camera had already run out of juice, but also because I don't really roll that way. :o) You never know what you will see down town!

Kim, my beloved husband, is off work again due to his holy foot. I guess it should be holey foot. I went into work late Tuesday so I could take him to the doctor for his wound care appointment. I tried to get the doc to tell us how much longer he would be off work. No luck. He would not commit. He cleaned Kim's foot up really good and gave us some honey to take home to use on it. It is called MediHoney. Wow. Honey. It smells just like regular honey to me. It seems to be helping too. :o) I sure hope he will be back to work soon. He is very bored sitting at home all week long. Poor Kim!

August is almost! Talk to you in September! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Sock Monkey Chronicles, Part II (Deux)

I guess you can tell by the title of this post that the unimaginable has happened. Yes, hold on to your shoes, Evil Sock Monkey (ESM)has struck again. This time the story is reported to us by another faithful dog friend, Rocky. Rocky is what I like to call a York-a-wow-wow. Part Yorkie and part Chihuahua. Some people call that a Chorkie. I like my way better. He is a good dog who just happens to own a very nice family known as the Hayes. Here is how Rocky reported the story to me. Bow wow, woof, arf arf, grrrrr. Oh! I guess you want it in English. Ok.

School started this week for Rocky's family. Amy, Rocky's mom is a teacher and his two boys Spencer and Colby have to go to school too. Rocky does not like it, and this is a stressful time for him. He likes his family at home where he can take care of them. He has noticed that Sock Monkey is a little stressed out, too. He overheard ESM talking to a rabbit in the back yard while the whole family was gone on Friday. He only heard a small tid-bit of the conversation. I went something like this... "moving away... selling the house... running out of time... back yard."

Rocky tried to hear more, but ESM saw him and the rabbit darted under the fence and ESM went back in the house. Rocky thought about it and wondered what ESM could be talking about. He had noticed that there was a new sign in the front yard. Rocky had taken a sniffing tour of it and sprinkled it himself, just like any good dog would do. But since Rocky can't read he was not sure what was going on. Rocky started pondering on the past few weeks. Amy had been packing boxes and making his boys clean their rooms. Daryl and his boys had been painting and stuff too! Suddenly he put it all together. The family was moving again! He remembered when this had happened before. It is not fun. Last time he was worried they might not take him with them. This time he was not worried about that. He knew the Hayes' could never get along without him! He was just worried about where they were going. He did not want to go back to the last place. But maybe they could move to Grandma's house! He liked Grandma, and he was pretty sure Grandma liked him too!! Rocky waited patiently till the boys got home and they played and had fun. That night he went to sleep and dreamed about living at Grandma's house with his family.

The next part of the story comes from events that have been pieced together from several eye witnesses. Apparently ESM is worried about the move, too. He is afraid that the Hayes' new house in Bartlesville may not be enchanted like the Broken Arrow house is. That means that he won't be able to carry out his evil plans any more. Like the time he broke the handle on the dishwasher. He still laughs about that! Time could be running out. The enchantment at the Broken Arrow house is what has given ESM his animation, at least he thinks so. As long as he is at the house, or with someone who normally lives in the house he can move and talk. Well, at least he can as long as humans are not looking! He has to do something to stop this move from happening! In desperation, he tricked a neighborhood bunny, named Bunny, into luring the boys into the back yard of the house across the street, which is under construction. He promised Bunny a bundle of carrots from the kitchen. Bunny loves carrots, and he does have a large family to feed. People in this neighborhood don't have big gardens, so carrots are a rare feast, indeed! Bunny's job was to get the attention of the boys. He was to run from them, but not too fast. ESM wanted him to get the boys in the back yard for a big surprise. Bunny thought it was a going away party for the boys, so he went along with it.

The boys had gone outside to play on Saturday afternoon. They were plaing in the yard across the street where a new house is being built. Bunny showed himself to the boys. Spencer yelled, "Look, a rabbit!" Colby started chasing it and Spencer followed. When Bunny got to the back he ran right down one of the holes that are a part of the huge network of tunnels that he uses to travel through the neighborhood. Colby went over to the hole and said, "Aww man! He got away! He went right down this tunnel!!" He stomped his foot on top of it and his foot went right down the hole! ESM was in the hole. He grabbed at Colby's foot and gave it a tug. Colby tugged the other way and yelled, "Hey! Something has my flip flop!" Spencer ran over and pulled Colby's foot out of the hole. The flip flop came right off his foot and ESM fell about 10 feet to the bottom of the hole. THUD! He landed hard on his tail! Ouch! Then the flip flog landed on his head, CRACK! OUCH! ESM was stunned! He had missed what might be his last opportunity to capture one of the boys. He figured if he could catch one of them the family would have to stay in Broken Arrow.

About that time Amy came out to see where the boys were. They were digging around looking for the flame covered flip flop. Rocky came out too, and quickly figured out what had happened by listening to the boys explain what had happened to Amy. He knew what he had to do. When the family finally went back in the house he snuck over and crawled into the hole. He pulled ESM by his tail back to the Hayes' house. He shoved him on a shelf and threatened him that he better leave his boys alone or he would make sure ESM got left in Broken Arrow in the bottom of the pool when the family left for Bartlesville.

I hope this ends The Sock Monkey Chronicles. Somehow I doubt it. Where ever flip flops disappear, wherever pets run amok, there will be an ESM lurking in the background! Watch your back, and your flip flops!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Gigi!

Today is a beautiful day! About 30 years ago (I am sure that is far as anyone knows...LOL!) a beautiful soul was born. Her name is Gina, aka Gigi. Isn't she cute? She has a smile that will light up a room, and a wonderful heart. I am very fortunate to call her my friend. Love you Geeg! Happy Birthday!!

This is the happy little purse I knitted and felted for her. She loves owls and this is the best I could do free-hand embroidering it for her. It did not turn out like I imagined it would, but I think she likes it anyway. She uses it for her digital camera.
Have a good weekend!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Long time gone....

I have been lazy. I have just not felt like blogging. Interesting choice of words... "felt" because that is why I am sitting here now. Amy wanted to see my most recent completed project. I don't know if she really wanted to see it, or if she was just tired of me not blogging. So here I am uploading a picture of the most recent purse. It was supposed to have a name or an initial on it, I tried to sew a "M" on it at least 4 times. I had to pull it out every time because it looked terrible and tacky. So I am leaving it "as is". I hope Jody will not be disappointed.