Friday, November 14, 2008

hello & stuff

Another week is gone! The year seems to be flying by. I can't believe how fast time goes anymore. One day you are a kid, the next thing you know you are middle aged! Wow!

I am really excited for tomorrow. Our fabulous RT 66 trip is all set. 5 of us are meeting at Amy's. We will travel RT 66 from Catoosa to Arcadia! So cool. Living right here in T-Town, I guess I have taken the "Mother Road" for granted. Even though the last ten years or so it has gotten a lot of press. My house is just a mile from RT 66. Pretty cool. We have some pretty neat stuff that seems RT 66-ish right here in our neighborhood! How about this classic sign? (yes, you can see a small State Farm logo to the right of the sign. Go SF! :o) ) We leave early tomorrow morning and I am sure we will see lots of really neat stuff. Hopefully, I will have (finally) something interesting to blog about.

Blurkers: You will be glad to know that you can now stop blurking and post "anonymously". Just choose the anonymous option, but please include at least your first name in your post, so I know who you are! You just don't have to register or anything.

Here are some pictures of the moon from the other night. Amy tried with her camera and had trouble, so I had to try too. This is the best I could do. It really looks more like a street light than the moon. I guess you need a better camera than ours to do it. Amy, maybe your new camera will be better! The first picture was taken from the car, it was still light outside and we were on the way home from work. I noticed there was a full moon and it made me dig the camera out!

Then I had the camera in the back yard while Jacob fed the dogs. The camera makes the dogs really nervous, so I had to quit and go back inside so they would eat. It gets dark so quickly now! There was only about a half an hour between the two pictures. I hate it that the power lines get in my pictures. Why can't they bury them?Now, a tribute to Spencer. It is a cool picture that i took by accident. I almost deleted it, but it made me think of you, Spence! They say that "imitation is the most sincere form of flattery". Do you know what that means, Spencer? I don't think my picture is nearly as good as yours were, but the smeary colors are kind of cool!
Finally, if you are feeling like your life is too busy, and you don't have the things you would like to have (I get that way now and then!). Check out the blog at My minister and a friend are in India now on a mission trip. The are blogging from India. The pictures are awesome and the posts are very inspiring! The people there are so hungry for the word of God. I am so impressed with the work Daryl and Steve are doing there. It is amazing to read about and see pictures of the things they are seeing and doing and realize how different our lives are, but yet we are all the same in so many ways! We all need God, no matter who we are, what color our skin, or where we live.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I had a nice weekend. I started by going to play bunko with some friends. Fun! I believe I have mentioned before how much fun it is! If you have never played, you are missing out! I suspect that if men knew how much fun we have, they would want to go too. Somehow it just would not be the same! That was Friday night. I did not win anything. But I did laugh a lot.

Saturday, I was lazy all morning long. Didn't even make breakfast! Jacob growled at me about that. I will defend myself by saying that I make breakfast, not cereal, real breakfast just about every morning. So I don't feel too bad for him. I read my most recent book that Sheila lent me. It is the third book in the Twilight series. Eclipse! So awewome! I am really enjoying it. As a matter of fact, it was hard to put it down to update my blog. I dont know if I am excited about the movie that is coming out or not. It may be disappointing.

Saturday afternoon, I forced myself to get out and do my weekly shopping, then came home and did my weekly cleaning, or at least most of it. Jacob was watching football, so I kept getting distracted. That is why I like the house to myself when I clean.

Saturday evening I went to Samantha's house with Jacob. We were invited there for our RT 66 kickoff party. This coming Saturday is our exciting trip down Rt 66 between Catoosa and Arcadia. We had our pre-party, to get in the spirit. Samantha cooked some delicious chili and Amy brought popcorn. We watched Cars, which I had not seen before. It has a Rt 66 theme and was a lot of fun.

Sunday, of course was church. John and Sheena took us to lunch at El Chico! Yum! As you can see Jacob had fun too. John gave him a big hug for helping with his yard work and Tom gave him a thumbs up!
Finally, Sunday night Jacob and I went to the devotional for the teens at the Causby's house in Sapulpa. It was a lot of fun to go, even though Jacob was not behaving very well. I tried to ignore him and have a good time anyway. The singing was great as it always is with our youth. We really have some great kids. We all had a big laugh at the end thanks to Sarah Willing. I will let her tell you that story herself. Or maybe you can persuade one of the youth group to tell you. Good luck!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

more randomness...

Another random day. Work was frustrating. I think I completed only one task all day, and it was not a productive task. I really need to accomplish more than that. I set out intending to make a lot of calls so I could sell some life insurance. Or rather sell some appointments, that would result in life policies. Sigh! It did not happen. Zero calls made, zero appointments, zero sales.

This is a picture from my desk... Yes, this is how exicting my work-world is. My chap stick holder. I got a new desk chair today. That was great fun. Honestly, it is a great chair. Very comfy. I probably should have stayed late tonight and set some appointments from that comfy chair.
The first highlight of my day, was reading that Daryl and Steve arrived safely in India. How fun would it be to take a trip like that?

Next highlight was that Gina FINALLY updated her blog. Thank goodness, because my blog is not exciting tonight. Sometimes when I need inspiration, I cruise through my pictures for something interesting. Tonight, the pickings were slim. This is about the best I can offer. This photo makes me want to color a picture! I still love to color! :o)

Finally, one last highlight. Thursday is Survivor night! I think Amy is my only Survivor friend now. Unless I have more blurkers than I know about (Necia, are you out there?). Survivor was awesome tonight! Finally some excitement in my day!
Good-bye Thursday...hello Friday!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Memories... in pink!

I was tooling through Sam's the other day. For once, I was buying nothing. My Aunt Mary needed a ton of stuff for her church Halloween party, and since she does not have a Sam's card, I took her. Anyway, as I was tooling along, something nifty caught my eye and took me right back to my very young childhood! It was a wooden kitchen set. It was the color more than anything! It was PINK!!
I was not sure I still had a picture of me with my pink kitchen, but here it is! It was not really just mine. I shared it with my older sister, Deb and my younger cousin, Steph. This is, from left to right, my brother (the cowboy) Danny, on his fabulous radical tricycle (horse?). My sister, Debbie with her hair in a scarf (really, Deb, a scarf??) And me, sitting on my Grams lap. In real life, my Grams had a totally pink kitchen. She had a pink fridge, stove and even pink paneling on the walls.
It would be so fun if I still had my old pink kitchen. We sure played with it alot! My Grams surrendered her pink kitchen several years ago too. It is still one of her favorite colors! She is 87 years young now. She will still be baking my Turkey this year in her once-pink kitchen. Good times!


November is my favorite month! I am so glad it has arrived! There are lots of fun things happening this month. The first thing is our Route 66 Road trip. My friend Nellie has invited me to go with her and 3 other of our friends on a RT 66 journey between Tulsa and OKC. So excited. It is still a few weeks away, but I am looking forward to it.

Of course, the best holiday is in November too! Love Thanksgiving! Turkey, Family, friends, together.... Hello? Did I mention there is turkey?? Pumpkin and Pecan pie! Yum!! Does your family have a bizarre holiday food tradition? Mine does. We ALWAYS have tabouli at Thanksgiving dinner. I have no idea why. Some of us (like me) love it. Others (like Kim) hate it. My Grams started making it a long, long time ago. Now my favorite, beautiful, smart sister makes it! I hope that is on her agenda this year. Please, please Debbie... will you make Tabouli for me? Debbie... are you out there? Here, I am posting a really old picture of you. Girl, you had good hair, and you were really really skinny!