Sunday, October 10, 2010

Slipping Away...

Has anyone noticed how quickly this year is slipping away?  It is almost mid October.  The holiday season is right around the corner.  I love the holidays, but there is a lot of work involved in them, so I approach them with mixed feelings.

I have projects I need to be working on for Christmas, and I have done nothing so far but think about them.  Interestingly enough, thinking about things does nothing to accomplishing goals!  I need more action.  I am still finishing my project for Sammy's birthday, which was just shy of a month ago.  That is so pitiful.  I would not be surprised if she scratched me off her friends list!

I think my new gym activities 4 nights a week have taken a large slice of my life.  I want that time back, but I don't want to quit doing something that is good for me.  I have things that I do that are just for me (a few), and then things I do for Jacob and for Kim, and for my extended family.  However, very little of what I do is for my physical well being.  That is what the gym is about.  So for now I will keep going.

Sorry, have not taken any interesting pictures.  Maybe later in the week!